Death Wish director Michael Winner was left red-faced at the end of a recent holiday, when he was caught with a suitcase full of the swanky hotel's towels and bath robes. The film maker-turned-restaurant critic is hugely extravagant - spending a staggering $167,000 (GBP90,000) every winter staying at the lavish Sandy Lane hotel in Barbados. But he admits he still tries to pinch goodies from his suite - and only once did he fail to get away with it. He recalls, "I left the hotel and got into a taxi. I could see in the mirror the manager running from the hotel to get to my car. "He said, 'Excuse me, Mr Winner, we think you may have inadvertently taken something from the room. Could we look in your suitcase? "He took out towels, more towels, bath robes, flannels..."