Death Wish director Michael Winner has been rushed to hospital while holidaying in Barbados after suffering an allergic reaction to medication. The filmmaker was carried by ambulance to the island's Bayview Hospital yesterday (03JAN06) but is recovering well. He reacted badly to medication prescribed by doctors earlier in the week (begs01JAN06) to treat a slight fever. Winner explains, "Unfortunately, I had an absolutely dreadful reaction to the anti-biotic and I came out in enormous blood blisters on my left leg. They covered the entire inside of my leg and each one was five inches long. "Then they all burst and I was rushed to hospital with the sirens blaring." The veteran director and restaurant critic is no stranger to a hospital bed - he had a triple heart bypass 12 years ago - but he complains he's finding it tough being a patient again: "It's horrible here. They're doing their best but the food is disgusting."