Death Wish director Michael Winner is refusing to curb his lavish spending habits even though he is $13.5 million (£9 million) in debt.
The British moviemaker admits he spends $142,500 (£95,000) on holidays every year, and wracks up massive bills by chartering private jets - because he can't bear to travel on commercial flights.
And although he has been forced to take out a loan to help cover his expenditure, the 74 year old has no plans to cut back on his extravagances.
He tells Piers Morgan's Life Stories, "It costs £1.5 million to be me every year. I'm less rich than I was because I'm £9 million in debt. I have assets but I have borrowed against them.
"I like spending. It's fun. Anybody likes the ability to spend money and enjoy it. I feel very happy about it. I'm a bargain! I'm a national treasure. It's very vulgar to say the exact amount (of my fortune) but I'm worth more than £79 million but less than £150 million."