Extravagant Death Wish director Michael Winner was stunned when he was challenged to live the life of an average British pensioner for two days - as he realised how hard it is for people his age to survive. Winner - also technically a pensioner - agreed to the experiment when London newspaper the Evening Standard suggested it to him, after publishing a survey exposing the poverty many older citizens have to suffer. And although the 70-year-old admits his eye-opening experience "won't spoil" the luxury holiday he booked to treat himself after two days of frugal living, the experience has made him more socially aware. He says, "I should go out and spend, spend, spend, but there are tears rolling down my cheeks. Life will never be the same again. "When I take the private jet to Portofino in Italy tomorrow and lounge by the pool, the image of those less fortunate will remain with me. "It won't spoil my trip. But it will cause sober reflection."