Death Wish director Michael Winner has blasted suggestions he may be forced to have his leg amputated. The 71 year old British filmmaker is being treated in a London hospital after suffering blistering to his leg while on holiday in Barbados earlier this month (03JAN07). There were fears he would have to have the limb removed - but Winner has laughed off the claims. He says, "I have been interested in recent newspaper reports suggesting I had lost, or was about to lose, one leg, two legs, an arm, a head - some people suggesting this went some time ago! - or even a fingernail. "I am happy to tell you that, when I last looked, all of these items appeared solidly where they have been for many years. "I am further advised that the chance of any of them leaving my persona are non-existent. So if you see a leg lying around, it is not mine, unless, of course, it is firmly attached to my body." A hospital spokesperson claims Winner is making good progress.