LATEST: Death Row Records founder Marion 'Suge' Knight could face one year in prison if state officials revoke his parole - after a recent arrest for an alleged assault outside a Hollywood nightclub.

Knight reportedly punched a man who had blocked in his car at celebrity hangout the WHITE LOTUS CLUB in Los Angeles on 21 June (03).

But the rap mogul's legal representative has dismissed the alleged offence, insisting it's "un-Suge-like" for his client to physically attack on someone.

Attorney ROBIN YANES says, "That's totally ridiculous. I don't believe that at all. That's so un-Suge-like to hit somebody. Have you ever seen the size of Suge? If he hit one of those little valets, the guy would be broken."

The district attorney's office has yet to receive a request to file criminal charges against Knight, and parole officials will ask the CALIFORNIA BOARD OF PRISON TERMS to determine if Knight violated the conditions of his parole.

Knight completed 61 days in jail after an arrest for association with a known gang member, in violation of his probation earlier this year (03). In 1992 he was convicted of assault and weapons violations, and in 1996 the hip-hop impresario was jailed for five years for violating the rules of his probation.

02/07/2003 17:22