LATEST: Death Row Records founder Marion 'Suge' Knight was arrested for violating his parole after embroiling himself in an alleged fight outside a Los Angeles nightclub - according to police.

A spokesman for the California Department of Corrections yesterday (30JUN03) confirmed the rap mogul was detained after reportedly punching a parking attendant.

Knight was arrested on Friday (27JUN03) by state parole officers "somewhere in Los Angeles" after the alleged incident, which occurred six days previously on 21 June (03).

RUSS HEIMERICH, a spokesman for Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles, says of the altercation, "Apparently he was upset that his car was not readily available. When you get out of prison, you have terms and conditions that you must abide by, and that includes no violence."

The state's Board of Prison Terms will hold a hearing within 45 days to determine whether to uphold or dismiss the allegations against Knight, but if the incident happened they may revoke his parole and send him back to prison.

01/07/2003 21:06