Country siren Deana Carter is putting extra work into staying sexy while on tour with Kenny Chesney and KEITH URBAN - because she's the only woman in the whole entourage.

The I'M JUST A GIRL singer stands out as the sole female on the current testosterone-dominated road tour around America, but she's decided to use her lone status to her advantage.

She says, "I wore a Catholic schoolgirl miniskirt at a show the other night, and the men in the crowd really did seem to respond to it. I'm feeling a lot more confident in my life now, and a lot more confident in my life now, and I'm claiming my femininity because of it.

"And besides, with Kenny and Keith, they're all guys, all the time, so you have to do something to balance things out."

She adds, "With Kenny and Keith and my seven band members on my bus, it doesn't seem fair to suffer being the only girl. I've got a nice bruise on my arm from playing a game of frog with those guys a couple of days ago.

"But it's not all bad. They're always looking out for me, which I appreciate. I even baked them some chocolate chip pies while we stopped over in Nashville, where I live."

13/06/2003 02:20