Actor Dean Winters has contacted the police after a series of bizarre incidents left him convinced a man has been impersonating him. The Oz star fears he has been targeted by a fraudster after a variety of people claimed to know Winters, without ever having met him. He tells New York Post's gossip column PageSix, "Four years ago, I met a girl in Bungalow 8. She said, 'Oh. My friend knows you.' But we'd never met. I've had other reports of being places where I wasn't. "A female friend told me, 'I had fun talking to you on your MySpace page.' I said I don't have a MySpace page.' She said, 'I thought maybe it wasn't you, because you made some inappropriate comments.'" And the string of mysterious antics has escalated over the last few weeks. Winters adds, "Two weeks ago, this Russian girl came up to me and said, 'Are you Dean Winters? Wait here.' "She brings her friend over, and her friend says, 'That's not him.' She'd had a five-month relationship with this impostor thinking it was me. "This creep is getting into parties, getting free drinks and free meals. Supposedly he looks like me. But he could be dangerous, and I want it stopped before someone gets hurt."