Canadian TV personality MARY JO EUSTACE has gone public about the moment she realised her husband, Dean McDermott, was leaving her for actress Tori Spelling in a new book. Eustace recalls her heartbreak in The Other Woman - a new anthology featuring stories from women about love and betrayal. In the new book, the mother of two remembers the moment her then-husband called her from the set of the TV movie he was shooting with Spelling to tell her how well they were getting along. The friendship quickly became a romance, which floored Eustace. She recalls, "We're on vacation and I'm wearing my bikini with saggy faded bottoms. I know something is wrong. 'Have you met someone?' I ask. "He nods yes. 'Is it Tori Spelling?' He nods. 'We're soulmates,' he says. 'She loves me unconditionally.' 'What conditions?' I scream. 'You've only known each other three weeks.'" Eustace admits writing the essay for The Other Woman helped her find closure after the bombshell. She tells People magazine, "The experience is so overwhelming, and I am a writer... I needed some sort of outlet."