Dean McDermott has had Tori Spelling's wedding vows tattooed on his rib cage.

The reality TV star - who admits to cheating on his wife during a one-night stand in Toronto last year - revealed his new inking on the reunion episode of 'True Tori' last night (03.06.14), and stated that it represents his promise to never be unfaithful again.

The 47-year-old actor lifted his shirt to unveil the tattoo, which features words from his wife's wedding vows to him on his right rib cage, to Tori, who has his wedding vows to her tattooed on her left rib cage.

His tattoo reads: ''I will wipe your tears with my tiny hands, I will comfort you with my body. I love you, my beautiful boy, for all eternity.''

While sat next to his 41-year-old wife, Dean told the show's host Brooke Anderson: ''I've broken these vows and it is a gesture of a new beginning. I'll never break these vows again.''

Dean's new tattoo may not be enough to convince his wife of his dedication to her, however, as the former 'Beverly Hills, 90210' actress has previously revealed that an inking of her name above his penis didn't stop him from being unfaithful in the past.

Speaking on an episode of 'True Tori', she said: ''Should I have him do a tattoo on his body? I mean clearly that didn't stop him. You know the tattoo he has, right? Down there it says Tori's.

''It's above [his penis]. It's above the pubis. It says, 'Tori's'. And then months later he cheated on me.''