Former TV heavyweights Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher are returning to small screen this autumn (04) in blockbuster new shows.

Cain, who played Superman to Hatcher's Lois Lane in the hit 1990s series LOIS AND CLARK, will play a baseball star in new American sports drama CLUBHOUSE, while Hatcher, who took time off to raise her daughter, returns as a plastic surgery-obsessed mum in soap Desperate Housewives.

Cain admits playing a sports star wasn't too much of a stretch - he was a promising American footballer and signed for the BUFFALO BILLS. An injury forced him to reconsider his sporting ambitions.

He says, "I know the lifestyle but it's still interesting. This character (CONRAD DEAN) is not a typical good guy. He may come off that way, but you're going to find out who he really is."

27/08/2004 03:02