Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher want to play Superman and Lois Lane again.

The pair starred together in 1990s TV show 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' but the show ended on a cliffhanger as the couple discovered a baby had mysteriously appeared and it was canned due to the actress' pregnancy before the mystery could be resolved.

And not only are Dean and Teri still in touch, they'd love to return to the roles and see what happened to their alter egos.

Dean told Metro newspaper: ''She had some problems and wasn't able to shoot. We talked about shooting early and tried to work around it but the studio pulled the plug...

''I'd love to see what happened to Lois and Clark, and how their love affair has progressed. I think they'd still be married and have a couple of kids, and I'd like to see how parenting has been for them.

''Teri Hatcher and I have spoken about it [revival] and think it would be a lot of fun because we ended the show on a weird note.''

Since the end of his role as the DC legend, Dean has been busy raising his son, 19-year-old Christopher - who he has with former partner Samantha Torres - and now the teenager has gone off to college, the 'Seven' actor is able to look for new opportunities.

He said: ''My son just started university so that's freed me up. I'm a single father, I raised him on my own. I was careful with the work I took and being away from home. Now that's changed I can be anywhere and do anything.''

The busy workload hasn't stopped the 'Hit the Floor' star from developing empty nest syndrome as he's already made a regular appearance at his son's university.

Dean admitted: ''I miss him terribly. He started university in July. He's a five-hour flight away and I've visited him five times already.''