Actor Dean Cain donned the Superman cape one more time for a late-night skit on U.S. Tv on Thursday (13Jun13), when he pretended not to know he'd been replaced as the comic book superhero.

Cain, who played the action man on Tv, got excited when he heard about the release of Man of Steel while sitting in the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and jumped into action, declaring, "I probably better get over there".

The actor said, "I didn't hear about the movie... Shocker. Movie without Superman! Come one... I have my cape here somewhere."

He stood up and discovered he was sitting on a cheap, makeshift Superman cape and dashed to the stage as host Kimmel told him that he would not be a part of the new film, which stars Brit Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

But Cain refused to be deterred, pretending to get upset and adding, "How can you shoot a Superman movie without Superman? Come on."

Comedian Kimmel said, "I don't know how to tell you this, but there's someone else, there's a new Superman," at which point the Tv star responded, "Who is he...? Does he wear red underwear like I did?"

Cain eventually came to terms with the fact he had been replaced, telling the host, "I just need a minute... Do you have a phone booth or some place?" Cain's Superman would often change from Clark Kent to his superhero alter-ego in a phone booth.

Kimmel consoled his guest with a hug before a crestfallen Cain walked off the set, carrying the funnyman's security guard in his arms.