Tv Superman Dean Cain choked back tears on U.S. Tv on Wednesday morning (21Jan15) as he recalled watching American Sniper with his teenage son, and the 14 year old's reaction to the film about family friend Chris Kyle.

Cain, who has been vocal on social media about the movie's critics, appeared on Access Hollywood Live and revealed his late pal Kyle was like a brother to him, and he felt compelled to defend him when celebrities like Seth Rogen and Michael Moore appeared to take aim at his war hero friend and Clint Eastwood's film about him.

And he insisted that critics who claim the film glorifies war and the role of hotshot snipers could not be more wrong, using his son's reaction as an example.

Fighting back tears, he said, "We finished the entire film and the first thing he said to me... was, 'I don't wanna go to war'.

"I want that, I don't want him to go to war. I don't support war, it's horrible... War sucks. But this is a guy who is a hero... He was out there doing the right thing and maybe it's ugly."

Cain befriended Kyle while shooting 2012 reality Tv show Stars Earn Stripes.