The hackers, who used the Twitter handle @_OurMine_, uploaded a string of Selena Gomez songs on his account and told the DJ, real name Joel Zimmerman, they were "testing" his security.

But the incident became a little more serious when they revealed the producer's old phone number and address in a handful of now-deleted tweets.

The hackers also threatened to leak nude photos of the DJ and use his credit card.

Deadmau5 simply restored his Soundcloud account and tweeted: "If anyone should be p**sed, it's the fans who use that site to listen to music."

The DJ/producer initially found the hack attack amusing, congratulating the pranksters for knowing so much about his life.

He tweeted: "Cool. You hacked my soundcloud. Neat s**t dude... And now you know my accountants office address? Also cool?"

But Zimmerman quickly lost patience with the hackers, adding: "Well you managed to upgrade an annoyance to a felony."