In December (16) the musician, real name Joel Zimmerman, petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark office asking them to cancel businesswoman Emma Bassiri's ownership of the Meowingtons trademark.

Zimmerman's pet cat is called Meowingtons, but Bassiri currently owns the U.S. rights to the name as she runs a cat gift website called

Responding to the musician's petition claiming she had named her website after his cat, Bassiri filed a lawsuit in a Florida federal court on Monday (13Mar17).

In her lawsuit Bassiri denies Zimmerman's allegation that she chose her website's name due to its association with him and accuses the musician of running a "negative media campaign" damaging her and her businesses' reputation.

Sallie Olmsted, a spokesperson for Bassiri said in a statement, "Ms. Bassiri is not currently, and has never been a fan of, or ever met Mr. Zimmerman. Ms. Bassiri takes offense and vigorously denies Zimmerman's untrue statements and reckless accusations made against her that have unfairly tarnished her reputation and diluted's customer goodwill."

In her lawsuit the entrepreneur states that she launched her brand in 2014 because she believed cat owners were an underserved demographic group and chose the name as the internet domain name was available.

The DJ has used his cat, also known as Prof. Meowingtons, on merchandise and album art and has even launched a Meowingtons line of headphones designed specifically for felines.

Bassiri is also seeking to prevent Zimmerman's use of the Meowingtons name, claiming some of his merchandise is "vulgar" and tarnishes her brand's image.