The electronic music star, 36, who produced Morrison's dance hits Contact and Hydrology sparked the war of words by alleging Morrison did not create his own music.

"im (sic) also fairly certain every Glenn Morrison track isnt (sic) Glenn Morrison," he wrote in response to a tweet from broadcaster Erick Weber which insinuated Morrison, 31, was not responsible for one of his tracks.

The slighted musician hit back at Deadmau5, real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman, on the scoial media site, writing, "you insecure little troll. im fairly certain your "new album" is regurgitated ideas from 2006. you are a tired waste of an artist."

Morrison challenged Deadmau5 to make his accusations "to my face", to which the DJ responded, "fine. that. to your face. shut the f**k up glen (sic)."

Morrison continued to criticise Deadmau5 calling him "pathetic" and accusing him of "bullying", while Deadmau5 responded to each tweet by telling his former collaborator to "shut the f**k up".

Deadmau5's ex-protege continued the dispute, calling the musician "an insecure c**t".

The Canadian musician is not the first fellow artist Deadmau5 has attacked online. Last year (16) he slammed Kanye West after the rapper posted a picture which appeared to show him planning to illegally download synthesizer software created by the DJ.