De La Soul's comeback album THE GRIND DATE was inspired by SEAN' P DIDDY' COMBS' reality show MAKING THE BAND.

Bandmembers POS and MACEO say they came up with the name for the LP while watching the MTV show.

Pos says, "I was watching Making The Band and Puff was sending BABS on a blind date. He was like 'Yo, we gotta just do what we gotta do to get this album poppin.'

"Somebody mentioned being on a grind, and from that we thought of the title being THE GRIND DATE."

Maceo added that, in addition to the new album, the band have been busy planning other ventures.

He says, "As a group we have never stopped working. We have also been busy designing a new limited edition shoe with NIKE called the DE LA DUNK that is due to arrive in stores in the fall, and we are gearing up to teach a class at New York University this fall on hip-hop."

The band will also be appearing alongside Mos Def, Raphael Saadiq and members of The Roots, and Black Eyed Peas on the forthcoming Isley Brothers remix project TAKEN TO THE NEXT PHASE (RECONSTRUCTIONS).

13/08/2004 19:20