Hip-hop group De La Soul are reuniting to release a new album in September (04).

The GRIND DATE is the band's eight studio album but also marks their first release for SANCTUARY URBAN RECORDS GROUP (SURG) - the offshoot of SANCTUARY RECORDS being headed by Beyonce Knowles' father, MATTHEW.

Knowles Sr is delighted with their first signing.

He says, "Hip Hop's dominance in the marketplace is sprinkled with a handful of creative, envelope-pushing artists, and De La Soul is one of them. I am happy to begin our foray into the hip hop industry with veterans such as De La Soul.

"Their originality and consistency have built them a loyal worldwide following that SURG is uniquely positioned to galvanize, and we are going to be very successful together".

Guests on the record will include Common, Ghostface Killah, Sean Paul and comic SPIKE LEE - who provides a spoken intro to the track CHURCH.

13/08/2004 19:20