Hip-hop trio De La Soul have sent fans on a scavenger hunt throughout North America and Britain to locate copies of a new instrumental version of their latest album Smell The Da.I.S.Y..

The group released 100 vinyl copies of the mixtape on Friday (18Apr14), two months after their entire music catalogue was made available online for free.

Fans received an email on Friday with hints about the stores where the albums may be hidden.

Smell the Da.I.S.Y., which was originally released in March (14), is a tribute record to producer J Dilla, who died of a blood disease and complications from lupus in 2006.

A statement from De La Soul's Dave Jolicoeur reads, "The reason we choose to release an all-instrumental version of Smell The Da.I.S.Y. is to give people the experience of a J Dilla beat tape that we were so lucky to receive. These beat tapes were the springboard that generated creation and inspiration for us."