Actress Daya Vaidya delivered her twin babies naturally this summer (12) after learning she is allergic to a drug commonly used in epidurals.

The Unforgettable star and her husband Don Wallace welcomed identical boys Jai Blue and Dav Eshann on 25 July (12), and the 39 year old reveals she struggled through childbirth because she couldn't take any medication to ease her pain.

She tells, "My pregnancy was considered high risk, so most people don't even attempt a vaginal delivery. But because of my allergies to pain medication - especially Fentanyl, one of the main ingredients in an epidural - it was very important and safer for me to avoid any medication or surgery.

"Also, I didn't want to numb any of my senses; I wanted to experience every moment - including the pain.That's what was right for me."

Vaidya also admits she had a tough time breastfeeding the tots at first because she frequently had to nurse both sons at the same time.

She adds, "I tandem nurse the boys on a breastfeeding pillow for twins when I'm home and take turns when we're out. We've got it down now, but the first couple of weeks were tough!"