Movie star Dax Shepard has realised one of his speed dreams, on Germany's notorious Nurburgring racetrack - and he took girlfriend Kristen Bell along for the ride.
The Employee of The Month star accompanied the actress while she was promoting new film Couples Retreat in Europe and was thrilled when he found himself in Germany on the racetrack's open day.
He says, "Number two on my bucket list was to drive on this racetrack... It's a 17-mile racetrack and it's the most dangerous in the world, and it's open to the public on Sundays.
"So I rented a Porsche from Avis, which you can do in Germany and... you get there and, honestly, you buy a little card and then you put it in front of a thing, a gate goes up like you're in a parking garage and then you're just on a racetrack, so we're hauling down the straightaway, like, wide open in this Porsche, going, like, 185."