Dax Shepard lets his two young daughters help drive his car.

The 42-year-old actor - who has four-year-old Lincoln and two-year-old Delta with wife Kristen Bell - admits his kids are ''quite good'' when it comes to steering the family vehicle and prove a good source of help when he's trying to park.

Speaking to US Weekly, he said: ''They will steer the car. They don't know how to operate the gas or the brake, but they're quite good.

''I've been in parking lots where they can navigate through it. They're good! [Delta] loses concentration pretty quickly.''

The 'CHiPS' star also wants to teach his daughters to ride motorbikes when they get older - in a bid to stop them being whisked off by a troublesome guy.

He explained: ''I think what's on my plate is mathematics and science. I think Kristen has got being a good person handled and singing and all that stuff.

''My job is more the mathematics and history and science. But I do want them both to ride motorcycles because my greatest fear in life is that they will be attracted to someone like their dad and date a young dude with a motorcycle.

''The thought of my daughters on the back of some 16-year-old kid's bike is the worst fear I have. But, I know if they ride themselves, they'll never want to be passengers. This is my antidote.''

Dax is always behind the wheel when he goes out with his 37-year-old wife and no matter how risky his driving gets, the 'Bad Moms' star is still comfortable.

He said: ''I do 100 per cent of the driving, but I race and I used to drive professionally. I think she's happy to just leave that to me,

''She's doesn't hit the phantom brake pedal. She's been on the racetrack with me. We've jumped other cars in 'Hit and Run'.

''She was actually in the car when we jumped two cars. She's a baller. She doesn't get nervous at all.

''She rides on the motorcycle. She's generally a very cautious person, but when it comes to automotive stuff, she seems to trust me a great deal.''