The 69-year-old starred in the 1970s traffic cop drama as Jon Baker, the role taken on by Dax Shepard in the movie version.

The trailer for the film, which also stars Michael Pena as Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello, the part previously played by Erik Estrada in the programme, was made public on Thursday (12Jan17), but not everyone was pleased with how it looked.

"Way to go Warner Bros - just ruined the Brand of CHIPS and of the Calif Highway Patrol," wrote Larry on his Twitter page. "Great choice!"

Larry then posted several more messages on Twitter, which he later deleted. One comment referenced a joke in the trailer which showed Michael's face smacking into Dax's nether regions.

"So now we promote the CHP rubbing their d*cks in someone's face.....unbelievable WARNER BROS.....unbelievable!" he added.

"TASTE in America......thanks Warner Bros.....and to all the little kids who have started watching CHIPS on Me TV - Sorry (sic)!"

The upcoming CHiPs remake is significantly more comedic than the original series, which ran from 1977 to 1983.

Speaking previously to Entertainment Weekly magazine, Dax said he was thrilled that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) allowed the stars to shoot in their headquarters.

"I think it was a precarious decision for them to be involved because it is an R-rated comedy. I think they ultimately took the position, luckily, that the movie was going to happen with or without them, so we basically had some very light compromises," he said. "And then because of that we had access to CHP central, which is really crucial to me. I really wanted to be able to shoot at that iconic station that the show had shot at."