British comedienne Dawn French has eased up on her strict diet regime since unveiling her 105 pounds (47.6 kilograms) weight loss last year (11) and gained an extra 14 pounds (six kilograms) by enjoying her favourite foods.

The Harry Potter star stunned fans by drastically slimming down, but French - who is dating charity boss Mark Bignell after divorcing funnyman Lenny Henry in 2010 - is learning to love her meals again.

She tells Britain's Woman magazine, "I've lost seven-and-a-half stone since I started making an effort and recently put about two back on.

"I lost the weight by denying myself quite a lot of things and recently I haven't denied those things as much. Bread and pasta and potatoes are my weakness. I went to Paris recently and I wasn't going to not eat bread!

"Generally I eat much more healthily and I eat less, probably half as much as I did before. I am very fond of this body - it's served me well and it's never disappointed me. I understand it, I know it and I even like it now it's all saggy, it's a mark of my journey this far."