Dawn French has ditched her diet because she doesn't want to ''surrender'' her boobs.

The 59-year-old actress has lost seven-and-a-half stone after going on a weight-loss plan, but Dawn has revealed she has no ambition to lose any more weight because she worries it will cause her to lose her curves.

She said: ''I'm happy with my boobs. I do not want to lose them.

''I would never surrender them to anyone.''

Dawn decided to shed her excess weight after being told she was at risk of uterine cancer, and has revealed how she went about losing the pounds.

Dawn told The Sun newspaper: ''I just did less eating and more exercising and I've kept that up. But I have more treats now...

''I'm not a big drinking person and hardly ever have alcohol. Perhaps it's not sweet enough for my sweet tooth.''

Meanwhile, Dawn revealed earlier this year that she once rejected the chance to kiss Harry Styles.

The actress was offered the opportunity to lock lips with the One Direction hunk in aid of the British charity Comic Relief, but Dawn - who famously snogged actor Hugh Grant on the TV show in 1995 - passed up the chance because of the age gap between herself and Harry, 23.

She explained: ''The first suggestion that comes in to 'Comic Relief' is 'Who will you be kissing this year?' and they make some suggestions, like, somebody said 'What about if we could get Harry Styles to kiss you?'

''When I kissed Hugh Grant we did make a million quid and the kiss did go on for forty minutes. It went on through the news. What did I catch?

''Anyway, they suggested Harry Styles and I went 'No hang on, hang on everyone, stop. I'm nearly 60. This is very unseemly that Harry Styles will be forced into the studio with an old woman and have to kiss her hairy lips!' That's wrong. I just had to say no to that, no. Let's think of another idea.''