British comedienne Dawn French has shown her devotion to her boyfriend by dedicating her new book to him.

The Harry Potter actress began dating Mark Bignell last year (11), and is now so happy with the charity boss, she has included a tribute to him at the start of her latest novel Oh Dear Silvia.

French admits it was a "big step" to declare her love for Bignell, who she calls Biggs, following her split from husband Lenny Henry in 2009.

She tells Britain's Woman & Home magazine, "I suppose publicly dedicating my new book to Biggs is a big step. I call him 'My Anchor, My True Love' (in the dedication).

"I think it's very hard to be an anchor for me because I'm independent and I think I know what's best for me. But quite gently, Biggs has supported me enormously and I've suddenly realised what an enormous gift that is. I can tell you that Biggs is a remarkable person and he is my future."

French also reveals her late mum Roma, who introduced the couple, was thrilled to see their romance blossom before her death in March (12).

The star adds, "She was absolutely delighted that we were together - and a bit shocked because it came as a surprise to her. But that massive approval just before she died this year was lovely and very touching."