Former MONKEES star Davy Jones can add midwife to his impressive resume after helping to deliver his first grandchild.

The DAYDREAM BELIEVER singer asked to be part of daughter SARAH's childbirth experience and was thrilled when she asked him to help deliver her son HARRISON, who is now three.

Proud Jones says, "I delivered the baby myself. I was the midwife. At 11:10 on the third of July, there I was in the Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara (California) with the rubber gloves on.

"I greased 'em up and pulled the bugger out! It was like foaling (horses) or cats and dogs (giving birth) and all the things I've experienced.

"It was life coming together and it was a big heart-felt welcoming. I'd given my daughters ANABEL, TALIA, SARAH and JESSICA NORAH JONES albums about six months before anybody heard her and my daughter's son Harry was born listening to Norah Jones! Now he wants to hear I DON'T KNOW WHY all the time. I know why."