Former MONKEES star Davy Jones is urging his troubled pal Danny Bonaduce to spend a little time in rural Pennsylvania with him after watching him self destruct on reality show BREAKING BONADUCE.

The singer-turned-horse owner and jockey admits ginger-haired Bonaduce's reality show left him deeply disturbed because he hated seeing his friend take drugs and deal with all manner of personal problems on TV.

Jones, who has signed up to appear in new reality show LIVING IN TV LAND, feels Bonaduce made a big mistake agreeing to air his problems.

He says, "He looks like an idiot. He's not an idiot; he just needs to be hugged and loved. He's coming on like every guy and he's not getting laid but he's telling everybody about it.

"He's gone off and had an affair on the show. He's lost. He needs to chill out and he needs to come to Beavertown (Pennsylvania), ride a couple of horses and go on the Susquehanna River on my boat or come to the races and calm down."