Former MONKEES star Davy Jones agreed to front a new reality TV show as long as cameramen focused on his love of horses and horseracing.

The DAYDREAM BELIEVER singer is the star of new show LIVING IN TV LAND, which concentrates of his life as a racehorse owner and jockey.

He says, "I did a thing with the TV Land channel (American cable network) and they wanted to film me. I didn't want to just do an interview with them because I just live a normal life.

"So, the beginning of the show is when I get up, usually at 5.30am, and start working with the horses; I've got 10 horses. I've got two at the track right now and I've got one running at Churchill Downs (Kentucky).

"I told the people from the TV station to come and watch the horse win and that could be the middle of the show.

"The end of the show is up in the air. When I'm home I'm more interested in raking the leaves off of the lawn than thinking about where I'm going to be singing next. The horses kinda make me interesting."