Oscar-winning moviemaker Davis Guggenheim is building up the courage to tell his two young daughters he turned down the chance to direct the new Justin Bieber movie.
The Inconvenient Truth documentarian has revealed he was in the running to take charge of the pop sensation's upcoming film Never Say Never - but decided the project wasn't for him.
Confessing to news show Access Hollywood Live, Guggenheim reveals, "We were talking about it and I went home for dinner one night with my two daughters and I said, 'What do you think of Justin Bieber?' The two of them said, 'I want to marry him'.
"I haven't told them about (not) doing it; I hope they're not watching. The scheduling didn't work out. I would have loved to do it.
"I will be there opening weekend. I'm excited to see it. I think he's a really talented kid."