British actress/socialite Davinia Taylor suffered a setback during her alcohol detox last year (09) when she suffered a fit and broke her nose in a fall.
The partying millionairess quit booze in a bid to be a better mum to her three-year-old son, Grey.
But she admits the shock of being sober caused her to suffer a fit - and she ended up in hospital with a broken nose as a result.
The 32 year old tells Britain's OK! magazine, "I went out to get some tea bags and I woke up in an ambulance. I fell flat on my face and broke my nose - my eyes were huge and black and my top lip was split open."
And that wasn't the first time Taylor suffered an injury during her quest for sobriety.
She adds, "Once I had an alcoholic fit on Regent Street (in London). I didn't know your body can die from the shock of coming off alcohol. Your organs just shut down. It was day two of not drinking... Then suddenly I was out cold, smashed straight on the floor."