David Walliams flirtatious manner and risque humour looks to have gotten him in hot water with Itv bosses after the 'Little Britain' man made an x-rated debut on British reality show 'Britain's Got Talent.' The show airs at 7pm in the UK and has a gained a reputation as one of the most popular family shows in the country, which means that Walliams' flirting with hosts Ant & Dec, constant innuendo and sexual jibes came under much scrutiny, with show staff keen for him to refine his humour for the next instalment of the show.
An insider told UK tabloid The Sun "A lot of Walliams' comments need editing out. It certainly can't go on for the rest of filming. If we don't get clean comments, that act won't get a big showing," a firm slap of the wrists then, although the comedian's performance wasn't without merit, impressing as it did fellow judge and show creator Simon Cowell. "It's a learning curve. He was very funny but we need him to be more family-friendly. But we're still confident we made the right choice. Simon Cowell loves the banter and thinks the new panel has great chemistry," continued the source.
An example of Walliams' lewdness came after a performance which saw dancers lifting each other up. At the end of the audition he turned to Cowell and asked "But did it raise you up?" He's so far not made comment on the weekend's shows.