British funnyman David Walliams checked himself into rehab for a week to deal with depression following the breakdown of a relationship.

The Little Britain star reveals he hit a low during his early days in the spotlight after splitting from a girlfriend and discovering she had found a new man.

Walliams chronicles the experience in his new autobiography Camp David, admitting he found out the news while filming BBC show Cruise of The Gods, and subsequently checked himself into British rehab clinic The Priory to deal with his issues.

He writes, "The tears started. I went outside. Suddenly the crying was uncontrollable. I stood out in the car park, bent double with grief. I crawled back to my dressing room and lay on the floor, sobbing. I was shaking. It was like I was having a nervous breakdown or going mad or both..."

The comic, who is now married to supermodel Lara Stone, adds of his battle with depression, "Many people who suffer from depression confirm early morning is the worst time. At 4am you are totally alone. There is no one to call. Your friends or family tell you, 'Call me any time'. But at 4am you don't feel you can. It's dark outside - there isn't even the sound of the birds to keep you company. So I would lie there until the curtain edges grew light and the room took shape.

"It was not just the terrible elemental sadness I felt, but fear. Fear of death, fear of life, fear of love, fear of everything. This went on for six months."