David Walliams is ''praying'' one of his books will be made into a movie.

The 47-year-old comedian has revealed that seeing his books turned into TV adaptations has given him hope that one day, his novels will also make it onto the big screen.

He said: ''You write the books and that's one thing and then they can become other things.

''TV shows and theatre shows and everything. I mean one day, we are praying for a film.''

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge has sold more than 25 million copies of his books and is hopeful that one of his creations will finally hit the big screen because his works - such as 'Rat Burger', 'Billionaire Boy,' 'Mr Stink' and upcoming BBC series 'Midnight Gang' - have only been adapted for TV movies and specials so far.

The British star has previously spoken about his burning desire to see one of his novels be made into a ''great big-budget movie'' because his success as a novelist has made him dream big and want to push his career further.

He previously shared: ''I'm writing more and more thinking I really want someone to make a great big budget movie out of one of my books.

''Success is a good thing. It makes you feel more confident in what you do so you try harder and go further with what you do.''

David admitted he is a reclusive writer - much like children's novelist Roald Dahl, who wrote in his garden shed - because he gets frustrated when people bother him when he is working.

He said: ''People always ask about Roald Dahl and his shed.

''I think he had his shed so people couldn't come up to him and ask him annoying questions!''