British arthouse movie CHUNKY MONKEY will finally hit cinema screens next month (NOV04) - after a three-year battle with ice cream giants BEN + JERRY'S.

The movie stars SECRETS + LIES actress Alison Steadman and MASTER AND COMMANDER actor David Threlfall as a man who fantasises about smothering JULIE ANDREWS in Ben + Jerry's Chunky Monkey flavoured ice-cream.

UNILEVER - who own Ben + Jerry's - objected to the use of their trademark and demanded all references be removed, forcing a legal wrangle that has held the film in limbo since it was made in 2001.

But the issue has been revolved and the movie will hit cinemas on 20 November.

Steadman - who recently appeared in THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS - says, "These multinational companies have all these lawyers with nothing better to do than make mountains out of molehills. I love the film. I'm so glad it's finally coming out."

27/10/2004 17:36