British actor David Thewlis felt a little foolish during a recent trip to Disneyland - because no one recognised him from the Harry Potter films.
Thewlis, who plays Remus Lupin in the boy wizard franchise, was so worried he'd be mobbed by young Potter fans, he hired a park bodyguard for the day - to make sure he and his family were safe at all times. But the minder didn't have to do anything.
He says, "It seems I can be around children a lot and I don't get recognised for Harry Potter. I was at Disneyland for six hours and wasn't approached once, and didn't even feel like anyone was looking at me.
"I think the woman taking me around thought it was strange because it was her job to bodyguard me for the day, and she didn't really have a job because it was like, 'Why am I here?' She was there to get me to the front of the rides, I think."