British actor David Suchet's wife SHEILA FERRIS was attacked by a crazed cyclist in London last weekend (26-27NOV05).

The POIROT star, 59, sounded his horn at a man who pulled out in front of their car, before pausing at traffic lights. But the furious rider yanked open the passenger-side door and violently kicked Ferris in the face.

The couple now fear their fame could lead the psychotic cyclist to strike again.

Ferris, who suffered cuts and bruises to her face and eye, says, "It was an extremely aggressive attack.

"Our worry now is that this person could find out where we live and try to hurt us again - it's terrifying.

"We're devastated by what has happened.

"David has also been extremely upset. He is concerned this person could track him down as he is such a public figure."

British police are checking traffic cameras in a bid to identify the attacker.