Comedian David Spade has slammed talk show host Jay Leno on his own programme for regularly making fun of him in his opening monologue. Spade appeared on the TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO on Monday night (28AUG06) and was quick to highlight Leno's obsession with his seemingly mismatched relationship with Heather Locklear. Leno asked Spade why he didn't accompany Locklear to the Emmy Awards on Sunday (27AUG06), saying, "You're the boy toy - what happened there?" A reluctant Spade replied, "I don't know if I'm that, but I do appreciate whenever I get to see the show that you're doing some joke about me in the monologue, it's always fun. "You're way out of line, Jay." When Leno tried to back-pedal, insisting he'd only mentioned the couple once, Spade had video footage ready to roll of all of Leno's barbs. Spade commented on his relationship with the former Melrose Place star saying, "We are friends. We were actually out on the beach this week." Leno persisted with, "What are your intentions - are you serious with this young woman?" Spade tried desperately to change the subject saying, "Sir, we have other things to talk about tonight. We'll go to a commercial and I'll tell you the whole story."