David Spade has defended his former partner Heather Locklear after she was arrested on allegations of domestic violence.

The 'Melrose Place' actress was arrested for felony domestic violence following an alleged incident with her boyfriend Chris Heisser last month, and although her former partner David was hesitant to comment on the recent allegations, he did insist that Hollywood can make people ''crazy''.

When asked about Heather during an appearance on 'The Howard Stern Show' on Wednesday (07.03.18), the 53-year-old actor - who dated Heather briefly in 2006 and has remained friends with her since - said: ''She had a thing recently, yeah. I don't know if I checked on her. She's so exactly nice and sweet as you see in the interviews. You've seen her, she's so cool and great. I just think everything in Hollywood makes you bananas. I'm crazy.''

It comes after it was recently reported that 56-year-old Heather checked into a rehab centre, and whilst she was at the clinic on Tuesday (06.03.18), police visited her home with a search warrant and spent several hours looking for a gun.

The warrant was triggered after the actress - who was said to be ''extremely intoxicated'' when she was arrested - threatened police when she was apprehended.

She told them: ''If you ever come back to my house I will shoot you.''

During the investigation, police discovered Heather had a handgun registered to her name, which she obtained in 1985, but they didn't find the weapon when they searched her house.

The Hollywood star was picked up by the police after they were called to a house in Thousand Oaks, California, following a report of domestic violence.

The officers had been called to the property by Heather's brother, after he arrived at the house and saw the star fighting with her partner.

When officers arrived, they noticed a visible mark on her boyfriend.

And when they tried to take Heather into custody, the actress is alleged to have kicked out and struck three deputies, which led to her being handcuffed and taken to hospital for evaluation.