STARSKY + HUTCH star David Soul is living in a one-room bedsit in London, after signing away his rights to royalties for the seventies show.

The 60-year-old veteran sold his share in the hit show - which ran from 1974 to 1979 - for just $100,000 (GBP54,000) before it became a huge hit, so he missed out on repeat fees and a share in the new Hollywood movie version, which would have netted him millions of dollars.

Since Starsky + Hutch ended, Soul - who played KEN 'HUTCH' HUTCHINSON - has made a number of TV and stage appearances in America and Britain, and he makes a cameo appearance in the new film alongside stars Ben Stiller and Owen WILSON.

So residents of a shabby Victorian house converted into 14 tiny studios, in London's Paddington area, were stunned to find the actor was a neighbour.

One neighbour - who revealed Soul's room was burgled last week (ends16JAN04) when a thief kicked down his front door - says, "I had quite a shock to see David Soul living here. You imagine him to be a Hollywood star living with a beautiful woman in a big house with a swimming pool and a sports car.

"But the way he is living now is a world removed from that. These rooms are quite basic and cramped.

"The area is not particularly nice. There is a lot of crime and you have to look over your shoulder all the time."

22/01/2004 17:22