STARSKY AND HUTCH TV star David Soul has slammed a British TV documentary on him - dubbing it "tabloid television".

The actor, who is based in Britain, co-operated with the making of CHANNEL 4 show HE'S STARSKY, I'M HUTCH - which was screened in the UK on Sunday night (14MAR04).

But he's now fuming the finished product concentrated on his problems with alcohol, money and domestic violence.

In a letter to the network, Soul - who played KEN 'HUTCH' HUTCHINSON in the seventies TV classic - says he was "disappointed with the tone" of the programme, accusing it of regurgitating "salacious" episodes from his past and failing to highlight work he has done for charity.

Channel 4 commissioning editor ANDREW McKENZIE defended the show, insisting production company MONKEY had "worked to the highest journalistic standards".

He added, "David fully co-operated with the film, which is told in his own words or those of his close family, friends and colleagues."

16/03/2004 17:26