Original STARSKY AND HUTCH star David Soul is furious that the cult series is being adapted for the big screen.

Hollywood comedy actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are currently filming their version of the cop drama - much to Soul's disgust.

He and co-star Paul Michael Glaser were planning to reprise their roles for one final adventure as the crime fighting hardmen, but Warner BROS have beaten them to it.

Soul rages, "They ain't Starsky and Hutch and to cast them as such cheats a huge audience who grew up with Glaser and Soul in the roles. Their decision to make this kind of picture is an insult to the intelligence of the audience and the real warm feelings S+H still engenders in the collective memory of millions of viewers.

"(It will be) another one of those bad, glitzy action pieces, like Charlie's Angels."

02/05/2003 13:38