Former STARSKY AND HUTCH star David Soul was left so numb by his incredible fame and wealth during the 1970s, his inner demons burst out.

The veteran star - who now lives in a modest bedsit in London - admits the vast sums of money he made from the hit TV show merely awakened the "anger" stored up from years before.

David, a self-confessed alcoholic, went on to lose all his wealth and was charged with beating then-wife PATTY SHERMAN.

He explains, "After Starsky and Hutch, I remember sitting there with more money than I've ever had in my life.

"I'm sitting in this beautiful home and I'm saying to myself, 'Is that all there is?' The fame and the popularity kind of built up, or rather deadened, a kind of anger I had for a long time.

"And then it just exploded."

David is now sober and has recently filmed a cameo for Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's big screen remake about the crime busting duo.

16/02/2004 13:48