Former STARSKY AND HUTCH stars David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser are making a return to films - playing characters not dissimilar from their famous crime-fighting alter-egos.

The veteran stars - who made a brief cameo in Ben Stiller and Owen WILSON's 2004 remake - want to look at how the relationship between the two men would have developed as they got older, paying particular attention to how life would be now for them.

But, due to copyright reasons, they are unable to use the names Starsky and Hutch so are going to explore the themes using new characters instead.

Soul explains, "Paul and I are going to use the characters of Starsky and Hutch - lets call them HARRY and SAM - we're going to see where these guys get to 25 years down the road.

"That's an ongoing project and hopefully there'll be movement on it next year (05)."

19/07/2004 21:46