Original STARSKY AND HUTCH star David Soul chased a thief after a girl snatched his agent's mobile phone in a London bar.

The English actor, 60, was lunching with his representative in trendy drinking spot SIGNOR ZILLI BAR in Soho earlier this week (begs15MAR04), when a girl posing as a beggar, snatched the communication device.

Soul, who played Detective KEN HUTCHINSON in the cult '70s show, and bar boss MATT TURNER leapt into action and ran after the thief, but were unable to catch her.

Turner explains, "David leapt up and sprinted out with me close behind. Sadly the girl was too quick and gave us the slip.

"As we were running, I thought, 'Here I am chasing after a robber with Hutch!' It was surreal."

17/03/2004 02:04