Original STARKSY AND HUTCH stars David Soul has eaten his words, after being offered a small role in the upcoming movie adaptation.

Soul had initially been furious that film studio Warner BROS were updating the 1970's cop show for the big screen with stars Owen Wilson and BEN STILLER.

He had raged last month (MAY02), "They ain't Starsky and Hutch and to cast them as such cheats a huge audience who grew up with Glaser and Soul in the roles...(It will be) another one of those bad, glitzy action pieces, like CHARLIE'S ANGELS"

However, Soul and former co-star Paul Michael Glaser are now taking a different approach.

Soul reveals to British newspaper THE DAILY MAIL, "Paul and I are in talks with the producers about cameo roles in the movie."

11/06/2003 01:28