Actor/singer David Soul is urging his fans to get behind a campaign to end the illegal dog meat trade in Asia.

The Starsky & Hutch star is a keen dog lover and admits he was "literally sick" when he heard details of how pooches are acquired for their meat.

He has posted a video on his website containing a heartfelt plea for fans to join the fight to outlaw the industry by signing a petition and making a donation to The Animals Voice charity.

In the video message, Soul says, "The cruelty inflicted on dogs in the meat trade in parts of Asia literally made me sick. I realise that in certain cultures around the world dog meat is part of a diet, but what I was not aware of was the manner in which the dogs are acquired, treated and slaughtered for their meat...

"I want to do something to help end the pain and suffering inflicted on these animals and this is where I have chosen to begin - with the dogs that are smuggled into the meat trade in parts of Asia."