Becoming a father gave David Schwimmer back his innocence.

The 44-year-old actor - whose wife, Zoe Buckman, gave birth to a baby girl on May 8 in New York - admits he got caught up in being a celebrity after finding fame with TV show 'Friends' but fatherhood has changed all that.

He explained to Seven magazine: "Having a child has added a whole new dimension to my life. I'll look at a glass or a tomato as if for the first time and wonder how it looks or tastes to her. I was much more in touch with that innocence before celebrity and it's wonderful to have it back. I feel like I get it now."

David married Zoe, 25, last year after meeting her in 2007 but the actor - who has previously dated Natalie Imbruglia and 'Stargate' actress Mili Avital - revealed he lost respect for himself during some of his past relationships.

He said: "During those years there were times when it came to women and dating when I let celebrity get the better of me and I lost respect for myself.

"I just remember those dark periods where I allowed myself to be complicit in the whole celebrity thing -even though it was something I always resisted and still do resist.

"So I would go out with someone I didn't give a s**t about and well I took those moments pretty hard."